Dispersant DP600

Dispersant DP600

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Implementation standards:

Item Standard value  
Appearance White or light yellow powder
Heating loss % ≦2. 0
Specific gravity 1.30
Particle size (300 mesh sieve)% ≦1.0

[Product Performance]

Appearance white or light yellow powder specific gravity 1.30 heating alkali amount %≤2.0 particle size (nm) % ≤15-30

[Scope of application]

The product is a high-efficiency dispersant with high solubility, good processing performance and excellent synergistic effect. It can significantly reduce the Mooney viscosity of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, thereby improving the flow characteristics of the rubber compound and making the mixing time and The energy consumption is reduced, and the dispersion of fillers, auxiliary materials, carbon black and white carbon black is accelerated, which makes up for the deficiency of the traditional reinforcing filler carbon black and white carbon black in dispersing performance, and is a new generation environmentally friendly high-efficiency dispersing agent.