Antioxidant 264-A

Antioxidant 264-A

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Give your customers the benefits

molecular weight

Four hundred and five point eight

Thermal stability of polymers


White to gray white crystal

To better protect your light body products

The melting point (c) above


Make your product better

Ash,% less than

Zero point one

Low ash content, stable performance

Less volatile

Zero point one one

To protect your products better, improve the ability of old age

Heating loss, less than%

Zero point one zero

The balance of rubber volatile components

Sieve (60 mesh),% less than


Uniform particles, make the product quality better

The content of heavy metals

Less than 10ppm

In line with European standards, use or for export without worry

Flash point C

> 420

With flame retardant effect


One point one four

Convenient packaging and transportation

Antioxidant 405 MB


Synergistic effect

Antioxidant 405 sulfur-containing antioxidants


Synergistic effect of 1, 1 and 2 Effect


This product is one of the few non-toxic, tasteless, light colored varieties of amine antioxidants in antioxidant.


Widely used in all kinds of elastomer. Used in polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC plastic masterbatch. Can be used as antioxidant and polyurethane foam rubber wire, cable, food packaging materials, adhesives, especially in neoprene cable sheath in the color light, heat resistance, anti aging performance significantly. As an antioxidant anti-aging light in polyether and its foam, can also be used as lubricating oil antioxidant.