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The implementation of standards:

project standard value
Appearance White powder
At the beginning of melting/℃         ≥ Two hundred and ninety
Ash%              ≤ Zero point three zero
Heating reduction%              ≤ Zero point three zero
Sieve residue (150um)%              ≤ Zero point one zero


Rubber antioxidant MB white powder. But there is no smell, bitter. The proportion of 1.42. soluble in ethanol, acetone and ethyl acetate, insoluble in petroleum ether, methane dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, benzene and insoluble in water. Good storage stability, no pollution to article two of the antioxidant.


This product can be used as natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex diene antioxidant, can also be used for polyethylene. For oxygen, weathering and static aging has protective efficacy, adverse effects can also effectively protect the pollution of copper and sulfur vulcanization system to overcome the crystal caused by. This product can be used alone, but also with other antioxidant (such as DNP, AP and other non pollution.) wells with obvious synergistic effect can be obtained. When used alone, the dosage is generally 1-1.5, when the dosage was 2 phr, will produce the blooming phenomenon. In latex foam rubber in 0.5 phr.