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Executive standard: Q/HYZD 2-2009

project standard value
Appearance Light grey or light yellow powder
At the beginning of melting /℃         ≥ Two hundred and twenty-five
Ash/%            ≤ Zero point five zero
Heating reduction/%            ≤ Zero point five zero
Sieve residue (150um)/%            ≤ Zero point five zero


Gray powder, long light gradually become dark gray. Insoluble in water and gasoline; slightly soluble in acetone and chlorobenzene, soluble in hot aniline and nitrobenzene; soluble in hot acetic acid, the proportion of 1.25


Mainly used as rubber, latex and plastic antioxidants. DNP is a chain breaking antioxidant inhibitor, and metal complexing agent, has excellent heat aging resistance, ageing resistance and natural copper, manganese and other harmful metals. With anti UV function in SBR. No effect on latex stability, there is no disadvantage of the viscosity increase. The activation effect on thiazoles. Suitable for adding in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex products. Used in the manufacture of tire cord, cable, elastic tape and other industrial rubber products, latex products (such as medical supplies, rubber paste etc.).