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Executive standard: GB/T 21841-2008

project standard value
Appearance Grey purple to purple brown granular
The crystallization point / C = Forty-five
Purity (GC) < /% Ninety-five
Heating reduction: less than Zero point five zero
Ash: less than or equal to Zero point two zero


The chemical properties of black solid. Soluble in benzene, acetone, toluene, insoluble in water.


This product is polluting antioxidants, has good antioxidant function, and ozone resistant, anti cracking and bending for inhibition of copper and manganese and other harmful metal effect. The performance and the antioxidant 4010NA is similar, but its toxicity and irritation to the skin is smaller than 4010NA, the solubility in water is better than those of 4010NA (water loss rate of 4010NA is 50%, while the 4020 is only 15-20%). Can be widely used in tires, rubber belts and many other industrial rubber products in the preparation of general dosage is 0.5-1.5%. The product because of serious pollution, not suitable for making light products. Antioxidant 4020 is one of the main varieties of two benzene amine antioxidant. Two of benzene amine antioxidant is the rubber industry at home and abroad the main varieties, but also the future direction of development.