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Executive standard: HG/T 4782-2014

project standard value
Appearance White or light yellow powder
At the beginning of melting point / C = One hundred and seventy-four
Gray = /% 16.8-18.8
Heating reduction: less than Zero point three zero
Sieve residue (150um) = /% Zero point one


White powder (granular); density of 1.41; dissolved in 1% sodium hydroxide, CS2, benzene, chloroform, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in gasoline.


This product is used for natural rubber and various synthetic rubber ultra accelerator, is the representative varieties of dithiocarbamic acid zinc salt accelerators, as well as general latex accelerator. This product is a good surfactant thiazole and sulfonamide accelerator. As a non water soluble latex accelerant, affect the stability of the latex is very small. This product is no pollution, no color, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, suitable for white and colored products, transparent products. Mainly used in the manufacture of medical products, cloth and self vulcanized products. In the dry material is 0.5-1 latex.