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Executive standard: HG/T 4391-2012

project standard value
Appearance White or light yellow powder
At the beginning of melting point / C = Two hundred and forty
The zinc content /% 20 - 22
Heating reduction: less than Zero point three zero
Sieve residue (150um) = /% Zero point one zero


Yellow white powder (granular). The relative density is 1.66, soluble in dilute alkali, CS2, benzene, acetone and dichloromethane, slightly soluble in chloroform, insoluble in alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, ethyl acetate.


Natural rubber and synthetic rubber and latex with ultra accelerator accelerator. The utility model is especially suitable for the requirements of butyl rubber and aging resistant nitrile rubber with excellent performance on compression deformation, also suitable for three yuan of ethylene propylene rubber. The curing temperature of 100 DEG C, stronger activity than WllLING TMTD, but the low temperature activity, scorch tendency, mixing easily lead to early curing. The product of the benzothiazole sulfenamide accelerator has activation, can make the second accelerator. WILLING and DM were used, the performance of anti scorch also increased with the increase of DM amount. The tasteless, no pollution, no color, so it is suitable for tape, food and medical rubber products. In the United States, ZDMC has been approved by FDA. In three yuan of ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber products in effect.