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Executive standard: HG/T 4780-2014

project standard value
Appearance Light yellow powder
At the beginning of melting point/℃             ≥ Two hundred
The zinc content/%                 15.0-18.0
Free M/% Three
Heating reduction/%            ≤  Zero point five
Sieve (120 mesh)/%            ≤  Zero point zero two


Light yellow powder (granule), slightly bitter, non-toxic. The proportion is 1.70, the decomposition temperature of 300 DEG C. Soluble in chloroform, acetone, partially soluble in benzene and ethanol, carbon tetrachloride, insoluble in water, gasoline and ethyl acetate. Storage stability. The decomposition in strong acid or alkali solution.


High speed accelerator, with rubber dyeing. Suitable for NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR, EPDM and latex. For dry rubber, WILLING and MBT have the same performance and excellent anti coke burning. For the latex system has moderate activity and usually and ultra accelerator. Sulfide higher critical temperature (138 C). Not easy to produce early curing, curing flatness is wide. Suitable for emulsion system can adjust the viscosity of the system function. Suitable for injection molding and foam rubber products. Safe operation, easy to disperse, no pollution, no discoloration. The combination of TP and resistance to aging. Mainly used in the manufacture of tires, rubber hose, rubber shoes, cloth and other general industrial products.