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Executive standard: HG 4140-2010-T

project standard value
Appearance Beige powder
At the beginning of melting point/℃              ≥ Ninety-seven
Ash/℃              ≥ Zero point three
Heating reduction/℃              ≥ Zero point three
Cyclohexane insoluble /℃              ≥ One
Free amine /℃              ≥ Zero point five
Sieve residue (150um)/℃              ≥ Zero point one


Light yellow powder, the relative density of 1.2 and the melting point of not less than 90 DEG C, soluble in benzene, methylene chloride, carbon tetrachloride, soluble in gasoline, ethyl acetate, ethanol, insoluble in water.


This product is the aftereffect in the rubber accelerator, good dispersion in the rubber, burning a long time, high safety, suitable for thick products and high activity reinforced rubber dosage; for vulcanized rubber has a bitter taste, not suitable for contact with food products. Mainly used in the manufacture of tires, rubber belt, damping products and revision of tire hanging adhesive material, especially suitable for brass coating wire adhesive material. General dosage for 0.5-2.0, but also with other accelerator.